Established in 1987, Markham Engineering has since been  engaged exclusively in the custom design and installation of energy recovery products and systems to maximize fuel efficiency while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We offer a complete spectrum of industrial energy products including boiler economizers, condensing economizers, waste heat boilers, heat recovery steam generators ( HRSG ),and  air preheaters

Waste heat is captured from the exhaust gas of boilers, turbines, reciprocating engines, furnaces, industrial ovens and thermal oxidizers. Utilization of the recovered energy is dependent on the application and available heat sinks. Typically it will be transferred to boiler makeup or feedwater, process water, steam production, combustion makeup air, hydronic heating loops or thermal fluids.

Whether your requirements are retrofit of existing equipment or new installations, we will review  your operation and offer either standard products or engineered systems for the application.

ALL our projects offer a return on investment; generally less than two years including installation. Depending on conditions, steam production fuel efficiencies of 95% are achievable.

Financial energy incentives offered by government programs and gas distributors further enhance the payback economics.

Energy has always been a significant component of industrial processes, but rarely in the past has efficient utilization been a priority. Today, the continuing escalation of fuel costs is a major contributing factor to the profitability and competitiveness of many corporations. Energy efficiency not only improves corporate profitability but offers the directly related benefit of greenhouse gas reductions.

We specialize in identifying energy savings opportunities and implementing the most cost effective solutions.

Energy Recovery

Energy Recovery

Finned tube economizers for recovering waste heat from boilers, engines and turbine exhaust gases, to preheat boiler or process water, combustion air and/or produce steam.