Cogeneration Waste Heat Recovery Systems

The efficiency of a cogeneration system is inherently dependent on the recovery and effective utilization of heat generated from the reciprocating engine or gas turbine power source. This heat is released in the form of exhaust gas, jacket cooling water, lubricating oil and radiation.

At Markham Engineering we specialize specifically in exhaust gas heat recovery systems. Depending on the application, the energy recovered from the hot exhaust gas is utilized to preheat water, glycol or thermal fluid , or, produce steam up to 500 BHP up to 450 psig. We offer an extensive line of custom designed products to fit the system requirements, including guaranteed performance, fuel type, pressure drop, space restrictions and materials of construction.

All components offered are available with an integral exhaust gas bypass to automatically maintain either a predetermined exit water temperature, or steam pressure, depending on the type of equipment.

ESG1 Waste Heat Steam Generator

The ESG1 is a  packaged, skid mounted, unfired steam generator combining a finned tube heat transfer section, a circulating pump with steam flash drum assembly and a modulating full port exhaust gas bypass. It recovers energy from hot engine and turbine exhaust gases to produce primary or supplementary steam, with capacities from 20 to 500 BHP and steam pressures up to 450 PSIG. The unique design produces full output from startup in less than 15 minutes and is fully automatic under fluctuating loads.

Exhaust Gas Recovery for Heating Circulating Liquids

The HRSR is designed to recover waste heat from hot engine or turbine exhaust gases to heat a water or glycol circulating loop. It features an automatic modulating gas bypass damper to control the exit tenperature of the exiting fluid. Depending on space restrictions the unit may be installed vertically or can be horizontally configured for installation in trailer modules. Full access to the heating section can be provided with an optional hinged access door.