Exhaust Gas Heat Recovery for Heating Circulating Liquids

The HRSR is designed to recover waste heat from hot engine or turbine exhaust gases to heat a water or glycol circulating loop. It packages standard features such as full integral gas bypass, full heating surface access, stainless interior, factory insulation and a variety of fin tubes and spacing to suit all applications. Timed automatic sootblowers are also available for diesel fuels. The automatic damper can be either manually set or automatically modulated to maintain a predetermined temperature on the liquid loop.

Features and Benefits

  • Engine Capacity from 200 kW to 6 MW
  • Entering temperatures to 1250 ° F
  • Heat sinks include process water circulating water or glycol loops and boiler water
  • Integral full exhaust gas bypass enables temperature control of exiting liquid and enables full exhaust gas bypass with no additional piping
  • Hinged full face access doors for tube inspection or cleaning
  • Compression fitted fintubes
  • Special codes ( optional ): design specifications of ASME code: Section VIII, Division I : UM, U or S symbol.
  • National Board and CRN registered.