Established in 1987, Markham Engineering has since been engaged in the custom design and installation of energy recovery products and systems to maximize fuel efficiency while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We are a manufacturers representative which enjoys a long term relationship with all our principal suppliers and many of our valued customers. We offer reliable equipment from prominent suppliers supported by our extensive application engineering experience over 20 years in operation.

Our expertise includes a broad spectrum of combustion energy recovery markets including boiler exhaust, turbine and reciprocating engine exhaust, heat recovery steam generators, thermal oxidizers, and dryers .With a diversified product line to specifically address each individual application we offer the most appropriate technology for each individual application.

Typically, the equipment is custom designed to conform with the existing plant layout and operating conditions. Equipment installation services are available or alternatively we will coordinate with plant personnel or a preferred contractor to ensure proper installation and performance.

Whether you are considering a new installation or retrofitting and upgrading an existing facility, we will evaluate your requirement and implement the latest, most appropriate, cost effective technology.

Most projects qualify for energy savings financial incentives offered by government agencies and major gas distributors.